Think Before You Litigate

Homebuilders are responsible for building communities and building dreams - they take their job very seriously. The safety and well being of you and your family is paramount to the development of the entire community as well as each and every home. Homebuilders recognize your home is one of your greatest assets and stand behind the quality of their product. If you have any questions or concerns at anytime we encourage you to contact your homebuilder. A capable customer service staff is available to assist you. Your homebuilder is dedicated to helping homeowners with construction related issues.

Unnecessary construction lawsuits have been a growing problem throughout California, causing homeowner's to lose their greatest source of equity. Your homebuilder is dedicated to assisting you in identifying legitimate problems and making necessary repairs. This brochure will assist you in identifying how participation in unnecessary lawsuits may jeopardize one of your greatest investments, provide information regarding the right questions to ask and how to remove yourself from a lawsuit.

When you find your neighborhood being solicited by an aggressive law firm looking for business, we encourage you to use this handbook to assist you in making an informed decision.

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