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  • 10 Design Trends for 2011

    10 Design Trends for 2011 By:Jenny Sullivan Related Articles Save / Share We could pessimistically assert that there are no design trends for 2011 because nothing is getting built, but that would be exaggerating. New homes are still popping up in markets that have stabilized – just in more modest numbers, and not with the flamboyance and status-minded consumerism we saw during the housing boom. Today’s value set is more cerebral, focusing on simplicity, resourcefulness, health, community, and pr...

  • Fresno to Consider Property Improvemend District

  • Fancher Creek Development approved for SE Fresno

  • Think Before You Litigate

    Homebuilders are responsible for building communities and building dreams - they take their job very seriously. The safety and well being of you and your family is paramount to the development of the entire community as well as each and every home....

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